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What is there to be found in Özdere and her environment?

First of all what you can find all over the on the coast of Turkey: many shops, restaurants, a sandy beaches and warm weather.

So what makes Özdere so attractive? The short answer is the clean air, peaceful surroundings and friendly inhabitants of the picturesque village. Özdere has about 10.000-15.000 residents and is a long village along the coast with a part of the village in the mountains.

But there's more to do near Özdere:
Besides making a beautiful boat tour along the Aegean coast of Özdere with the ships of Mira Yachting, you can visit other nice places.
For example, the ancient Greek city of Ephesus, this is only 32 km away from Özdere. (See the map below)
Simply go there by dolmus or book on of the many organized trips.

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Sirince is a small village next to Selçuk, where many shops can be found. It is a nice village to walk through. There are many handicraft items sold, such as clothing, carpets, toys, soap and ice-cream. In the small village there is also a company Akberg Sirince which itself makes delicious wines with a variety of fruits. There you can buy large stocks of wine, but also enjoying a glass of wine on the terrace, while enjoying the beautiful view of the mountain area and the beautiful Turkish houses.Overview of  Sirince

In the small village Gümüldür besides Özdere is a Aquapark, where you only have to pay an entree fee so you can sunbade, swim untill 17.00. Food and drinks are included, but they don't serve alcohol.
If you like to party you can go to Kusadasi and visit the "Bar Street" with many pubs and discos. Kusadasi also has a real water park with slides.

Izmir is a metropolis with everything a big city can offer. In the centre of Izmir at Konak you will find a large bazaar, a Turkish market where everything imaginable is sold. Many clothing, carpets, spices etc. etc. There is a zoo in Izmir, small fairground, cinemas and many museums. Even if you feel like ice skating, you can do so in the modern mall Optimum, which is similar to an American shopping mall, including a large food corner, cinema and play paradise for children. For more museums in the area, see this Wikipedia page