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Mira Yachting is a young company that was started in 2012. With a new young owner a fresh wind blows through the company. For example, in 2013, the boat "Mira 1" has been completely repainted and "Mira 2" has been fully restored, both technically and visually. In 2014 the Mira 3 has been build and started the first tour in June 2014. 

Mira Yachting is located in Özdere, Turkey, where "Mira 1", "Mira 2" and "Mira 3" stay in the harbour.

The young management has much enthusiasm, inspiration and energy and wants to make of Mira Yachting a thriving company. They understand that this is only possible delivering a good product and listen to their clients. This is what you can expect from them. Some of the priorities are: Good hygiene aboard the ships, provide fresh food and which is preserved, cooked and served in a hygienic way. Furthermore, issues such as safety on board for passengers and crew is an important part of the policy.

Management believes that if they can provide a good quality during the day trips with the "Mira 1", "Mira 2" and "Mira 3" that will pay itself back, so that their vision and dreams will become reality.

We thank you for your interest in our ships and our company and hope to welcome you on board with us.


Mira Yachting