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Celebrate this memorable day in a unique way. Step aboard and we make a party of it, privately or together with the other guests. This day you will not forget soon!

Every year we get one year older. Whether you like it or not. So why not make the best of it. And what is better than celebrating your birthday, relaxing in the sun with nice people around you, with enough snacks and drinks available so it will be a splendid day?

On board we have a seating with table for everyone, so everyone can comfortably sit, eat and drink. Would you like your party to be a party? We have a large dance floor on the 2nd floor, where everyone can go through the roof. The varied music, which is played on board, will finally get everyone on the dance floor. Celebrating your birthday, that's what it is all about. Specify in advance that you want to celebrate your birthday and specify you requests, so you get the day you like to have. For example: We can get Live music on board as one of the many possibilities.

Celebrate your birthday with Mira YachtingYou can celebrate your birthday with a small group, along with other guests who sail with us, or hire our boat(s) exclusively for your own party. Let us know what you prefer.

We sail to different locations where we drop anchor, so you can go swimming and snorkelling. Enjoying the sun, you will have the time of your life.

Besides sailing on our beautiful ships, we also offer other water sport activities. Like racing with jet skis, cycle on pedalos or very spectacular racing on a 'Banana' or ‘Rubber tire’ behind a serious speedboat with up to 150 hp. A smile on your face and that of your guests is guaranteed.

For more information about the options on board with us, you can use the other pages of this website. You can use this memorable day book with us through to our booking page. For a free quotation or quotation, please click here .