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Bachelor party

Your last party as a batchelor. That must be celebrated properly. This can happen aboard our ships together with your friends. You can make the party aboard or recover from the party, 'the day after' ..... This will be an unforgettable day.

The big day is approaching and the MC has something in store. Yes a super hen. For this we have all the ingredients aboard. Food, drinks, music and of course sun, sea and beach. Sailing with jet skis, on a "banana" or "band" behind a racing boat and try to hang on so you won't fall off. Thiw will be a guaranteed success and you will see a big smile appearing on the faces of your friends. And then afterwards you can see on the pictures how crazy it all was.

Bachelor party at Mira YachtingAbout noise we don't have to worry. We will be on the water without people around us. So a party will surely be. We have enough seats so everyone can comfortably sit, eat and drink. On the 2nd floor we have our deck and the dance floor where it will all happen. Make sure you're dressed lightly, because the temperatures in topical Turkey, are not suitable for thick garments.

We have several boats on offer depending on the size of the group and the available budget. Evening tours are also available. Does this sound like music to your ears? Fill out the contact form and indicate which requests you have, so that we can send you a non-committal quote. Get everyone aboard on time, and there we go ....