Mira Yachting Boat Tours


Food & Drinks

Fish on the BBQ

Sailing on the water makes people always hungry and the warm weather makes you want to drink . So for a successful day aboard the "Mira 1", "Mira 2" and "Mira 3" this has to be well organized. 

What can you expect?

Delicious food and drinks, where the type of catering is dependent on the type of reservation you make. 

Individual or small groups

On boat tours where multiple groups or individual guests sail togehter there will be a standard offer of food and drinks.  


At the bar you can order the following beverages: 


  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Cola
  • Fanta
  • Sprite
  • Fruit juice
  • Beer
  • Wine 


In the afternoon you will be offered a lunch which is included in the price of your ticket. So you don't have to pay extra for the lunch. This lunch will consist of a delicious pasta, fish, fresh Turkish bread and delicious salad. If you is certain food you are alergic for, please let us know when making the reservation. 

All food is aboard is freshly prepared by our professional cook. The Western European standard is maintained in terms of hygiene, refrigeration of perishable products. So you know that you can safely eat our food. The water board used is only from clean bottled mineral water and absolutely no tap water will be used for preparing the food.

Various spices, such as salt, pepper and spicy Turkish red pepper are available so you can spice up your meal to your personal taste. The fish will be prepared on a bbq grill. What else do you expect during such a nice day out on the water in the sun? 

You rent a ship or several ships entirely your own activity

When you sail alone with your company, friends, family, we can offer you a wide assortment for food and drinks. 


Personal service by our waiter or get your drinks at the bar, everything is possible. Besides the drinks which are offered at our individual tours, you can also opt for domestic and foreign drinks. 

You can think of different wines, the traditional Turkish drink "Raki" or local rum and whiskey. If you are interested in foreign distilled drinks, we could serve cocktails, passoa, Pisang Ambon, Amaretto, Jack Daniels, cognac and vodka. As a reply to your inquiry we will send you a price list with the different menus and drinks options, so you can make your choice in advance. 

Lunches and snacksFruit

Our cook can prepare a wide range of dishes for your group. From simple pasta with salad to menus with fresh meat, vegetables, potatoes, rice and / or fries. The most favourite lunch remains always the barbeque with various meats, sausages, various side dishes, tasty salads, sauces and bread. There is enough for everyone, so you can calmly enjoy all the delicious food that we offer. If desired, and after lunch we offer various snacks from the Turkish cuisine. Please contact us and we will send you a price list with the different menus and drinks, so you can make your choice in advance.