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Meeting location

Do you have an important decision to make? Or are you looking for a changing environment for your meeting or consultation? Then the "Mira 1", "Mira 2" or "Mira 3" offer you the appropriate locations for your meeting.

With the warm wind in your hair, sailing along the beautiful Turkish coast in Özdere, working to a satisfying result. Food and drinks are provided by our friendly crew, so you can focus on what you came for: Your meeting. Aboard the "Mira 1", "Mira 2" and "Mira 3" are two floors. Standard meeting location compared to the special meeting location at Mira Yachting

On the first floor we have a seat for anyone with a table where easily laptops, pen and paper can be used. Our sound system is at your disposal so everyone can hear what is said. This all said, we offer you the facilities like any standard meeting location, but with more.

Do you to offer the guest to have a short consultation, during the meeting. Take your time and let everybody spread throughout the ship. You can use the first and second floor to continue to talk in groups and lobby to achieve consensus and results. Is there a need for a cool down period after a heated discussion? Then we lay at anchor, a refreshing dip in the water can be made. So you can continue the meeting with a refreshed body and mind.

Is the meeting finished? Then reward yourself and enjoy the beautiful weather, the beautiful view and our other water sport activities. As Jet Ski boating, pedal boating, swimming, snorkeling, racing on a "banana" or "band" behind our 150hp speedboat or step into the speedboat itself. Close the day off with a drink and the day is complete. We are looking forward to welcome you and your guests aboard on our ships.

If you require more information about the ships, sailing route, catering etc. Please have a look at the other pages of our website. For questions, please use our contact form.