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Mira 3

De Mira 3 is the largest vessel in our fleet. With capacity for 110 people, it is suitable for large groups to receive guests for various activities.

De Mira 3 is build in 2014 in Marmaris, Turkey. This ship is entirely built of wood and no money is saved concerning the quality of the wood. Most parts are made of solid wood, which makes it a very strong ship. The technical components are all made according to the latest requirements. The ship has two engines and two propellers so the ship can maneuver easily. There is also an on-board generator for supplying the required electric current. Furthermore, the ship complies with current safety standards.

Like the Mira 1 and Mira 2, the Mira 3 also sails daytours from the port of Özdere along the Aegean coast, with all the comfort you could wish for on the water during a relaxing day.

mira 3 sailing

Classification of "Mira 3":
The lower deck has seating for 110 people, where every seat has a table. So you can comfortably enjoy the delicious food and drinks. On the lower deck you can sit in the shade to quietly read a book, play games, or a chat with the other guests on board. There is a bar where you can get drinks and snacks and two separate men's and two women's restrooms are available.

The master operates the “Mira 3” from the wheelhouse on the upper deck, which has also a large sun terrace. Here you can enjoy the warm sun and the beautiful views of the Aegean coast of Turkey.

There is a swim ladder on the back of the ship with a platform so you can get safely in and out of the water for a refreshing dip in the water. The water in Özdere, Turkey is clean and bright. During the journey the “Mira 3” will anchor at different places, so you can swim, snorkel and enjoy.

While “Mira 3” is sailing, there will be music, which will be adapted to the common interest of the group of guests on board and the time of day.

The cook will start in the morning to prepare a delicious traditional lunch. The galley is equipped with all necessary equipment, so your food is prepared according to the hygiene and safety standards.Mira 3

A brief summary of the details of the "Mira 3":
Capacity: 110 personen
Year: 2014
Crew: captain, 2 sailors, cook, barman.
Floors: 3
Toilets: 4 (Ladies/Gents)
Seats: 68
Swimming ladder: 2
Diving / Swimming platform: 1

If during the trip you are not satisfied about something, please indicate this by submitting a survey form. This form is available on board, you can fill it in and place it in the letterbox so that the management of Mira Yachting is informed and can implement required measures.