Mira Yachting Boat Tours



Together again after such a long time? That must be a special day and where else come together than on the water on the "Mira 1", "Mira 2" or "Mira 3", in the sun with all facilities aboard.

You will have a lot of catch up to do, so take a seat at our comfortable tables and have something to drink. Enjoy the sailing trip and the beautiful view, what more do you need on this reunion? But you don't have to stay in your seat the whole day, no you can also come to the second floor, so there is enough space to walk around and wander over the ship. You can sit in the shade or in the warm Turkish sun and we offer sufficient opportunities to cool off in the clear water of the Aegean coast at Özdere.

Just enjoying the reunion at Mira YachtingOur professional crew will ensure that everything runs smoothly aboard, so you can chat with all your guests. We have a varied catering service so you can enjoy all the delights of Turkey. One of the specialties of a reunion aboard the "Mira 1", "Mira 2" or "Mira 3" is the changing environment while sailing. The beautiful clear blue water and mountain views to the coast gives every moment amazement of the beauty of nature.

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