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From a starting entrepreneur into a successful company, that should be celebrated. With sun, sea and beach in the background and your anniversary in the foreground, are the ingredients are there to make it a successful day. Mira Yachting will help you to make of this jubilee a memorable day.

jubilee business company at Mira YachtingAt the appointed time we will go ashore and sail to different locations where the "Mira 1", "Mira 2" and/ or "Mira 3" will lay at anchor. Here you can enjoy the wonderful water and a refreshing swim. Cruising allows you to enjoy the beautiful views, speeches and other activities. Aboard you can use our microphone and music system, all for your convenience.

In this relaxing atmosphere you will served your lunch for you and your guests so you can enjoy the delicious Turkish food.

Our ships have 2 floors, whether you prefer the shade or the sun, you can enjoy the beautiful view. And don't worry there are enough seats for everyone aboard. It's your jubilee, so we like to discuss with you what you like to do on this beautiful day. So many people, so many wishes, so we don't offer a standard product, but a tailored offer just for you. We can organize additional activities, such as sailing on jet skis, speed boat, pedalo or the spectacular "Banana" and "Rubber Tire" racing behind a speedboat. A smile on the faces of your guests is assured.

We are waiting your call to arrange this memorable anniversary for you.

If you require more information about the ships, sailing route, catering etc. Please have a look at the other pages of our website. For questions, please use our contact form.